Nurturing Innovation: A List of Fintech Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Central and Eastern Europe

In Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), fintech innovation is on the rise, propelled by a vibrant ecosystem of startups, accelerators,…

Ionela Lazar By Ionela Lazar

Financial Services at Your Doorstep: National Partnership for Financial Inclusion in Romania

The Romanian Post is updating its payment system, allowing customers to pay their bills directly through postal workers using 7,000…

Ana Coteneanu By Ana Coteneanu

Banca Transilvania Teams Up with Evam For the Next Step in Real-Time, Personalized Banking

Banca Transilvania, Romania's largest bank and a leader in Southeastern Europe, is partnering with Evam, a MarTech platform provider, to…

Ana Coteneanu By Ana Coteneanu
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