Green finance refers to any structured financial activity, including investments, loans, insurance, and bonds, that has been created to ensure a better environmental outcome. This can include investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution control, sustainable agriculture, and the conservation of natural areas.

The progress we’ve made at Anglian Water on cutting carbon, creating renewable energy and securing green finance is already driving huge environmental and social benefits. But reaching net zero by 2030 – our shared water industry goal – will take leadership and the shifting of frontiers of performance.

Peter Simpson, CEO, Anglian Water Group

In Simpler Terms

Think of green finance as shopping at a local, organic farmers’ market instead of a big supermarket. Just as your purchase supports sustainable agriculture and reduces your carbon footprint, investing in green finance supports projects that benefit the environment. Green finance isn’t just for the big players, though. Individuals can participate through green bonds, sustainable investment funds, and even by choosing a bank that aligns with their environmental values.