A “soonicorn” is a term derived from “soon to be a unicorn,” referring to startups that are on the path to reaching a valuation of $1 billion or more but haven’t quite made it yet. These are high-growth companies that have shown significant potential through their innovative business models, disruptive technologies, or rapid revenue growth, indicating that they may soon join the exclusive club of unicorns—privately held startups valued at over $1 billion.

Soonicorns are companies that are principally funded and financially supported by an Angel Investor or a venture capitalist with a view of the future possibilities of the market or an apparent valuation.

Steve Sy, Founder of Great Deals E-Commerce Corp

In Simpler Terms

Imagine you’re at a talent show where the next big music sensation is about to be discovered. In the startup world, soonicorns are like those standout performers who haven’t signed a major record deal yet but have all the makings of the next chart-topping artists. Just like scouts at a talent show, venture capitalists and investors are always on the lookout for soonicorns. They’re searching for companies with the potential to disrupt markets and make an investment.